About Lingua Academy

Lingua Academy specialises in attaining outstanding academic achievement for students through private 1:1 tuition, after-school classes and exam preparation. We are experts in getting students on the right pathway for higher education by acquiring and mastering language skills. We believe in the transformative benefits of multilingualism in creating opportunities
for future success.

All Lingua Academy tuition and classes
are engaging, challenging and delivered
by native speakers - allowing you to
build your confidence in your chosen

Experts in language tuition and classes


Lingua Academy is always looking for highly qualified and experienced teachers who love teaching and who will pass on their enthusiasm to their students. We are looking for teachers who will engage and motivate  students to achieve their learning objectives. 

We expect

  • Excellent knowledge of the language of instruction

  • University degree with experience working with children

We offer

  • We will offer you a rewarding teaching experience with the possibility of further training and career opportunities. Pay is based on qualifications and experience.

If you are interested in working with us, send your CV here.